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Femina Wedding Times, June 2015

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Planning a wedding is an elaborate task, with many a million aspects to coordinate. Each couple needs expert management to make their special day memorable. To make this day extraordinary, Wedding Planner Gurleen M Puri helps families organize each aspect of the wedding – from helping choosing the wedding functions to host, selecting appropriate venues to best accommodate the guests, picking the right food, beverage and entertainment options to ensure a good time, fun and revelry.

The first decision couples must make is how many guests they will be hosting, and how to best look after them. Once this is decided, you need to come up with a suitable timeline and have a matching budget. With all these big decisions made, couples can begin selecting appropriate venues. You could have your wedding at a lavish banquet hall in the city, a palace destination wedding, or go low-key with a beach or farmhouse venue. When choosing a venue, make sure to create separate budgets for catering, décor, guest accommodations, travel, the bridal trousseau and the many other expenses - invitations, officiants, gifts, photographer and much more.

Gurleen reminds couples to have a clear idea about their budget and the way it is allocated. With her years of experience, Gurleen suggests, couples should work with a venue to get a comprehensive package that includes the location, guest rooms in the hotel, the wedding suite, catering, beverages, cake and simple entertainment. You will just need to add some small touches and the rest is taken care of.

Gurleen also recommends couples consider a low-key wedding theme. Gurleen says: have a fun party with friends and family, instead of a formal affair. Couples can be creative and think out of the box. These low-key events often are easy to plan, easy on the pocket and will be fun for everyone. Again, work with a venue or a Wedding Planner to take care of all the details. All you need to do is show up, get married and have a great time.

Wedding planning can be stressful, but remember, this is a once-in-a-lifetime occasion, so at the end of the day, know that Murphy’s Law can kick anytime. So keep a sense of humor and be flexible. At least one thing will go wrong (if not more), but this is the start of the rest of your lovely married life. So enjoy it.

1. Why did they choose X location: Jaipur and Bhilwara

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The couple chose Jaipur and Bhilwara as their wedding locations for several reasons. First, the family is from Bhilwara, therefore, they wanted to have some special moments in their hometown. The Nuwal family is involved in lots of manufacturing, there offices are in Bhilwara, and hence they wanted to host some wedding functions amongst family, friends and close associates.

They chose Jaipur for some other functions, for its historically rich backdrop, stunningly beautiful architecture and traditional Rajasthani look. It looked like a fairy tale.

2. What was their experience like and how did they plan it:

The couple met with the team at Gurleen M Puri in Mumbai right at the beginning of the planning stage. They gave us their exact specifications and went travelled with them to several locations to select venues. Along with us, the Nuwal family planned every detail personally, from décor, to food, to intricate look & feel logistics.
At the end of the events, the Nuwal family felt:

Overwhelmed with the stunning public response and comments towards the design and decoration part of our wedding event. We happen to feel short of words to express our thankfulness, happiness & gratefulness to you, to such an extent, as if our entire vocabulary is lost behind your dense, colourful & beautiful floral arrangements, executed with ultimate perfection and passion.

We really feel indebted to you for having obliged us with your personal presence for the entire duration of our functions, and having supervised and monitored minutest details required, not only as a professional, but as a family, with only aim to enhance the grace & ambience of all venues and elevate the status of Nuwal family, amongst the august gatherings.

Thank you & your most efficient team for infusing life & colour to the precious moments and celebrations in our family”. – Rahul Nuwal, Solar Group.

3. One thing that stood out that day or one memorable moment during the wedding:
(something personal or quirky or interesting to be shared by the couple)

We were really impressed with the way the Nuwal family looked after each and everyone one of their guests, made them feel at home, and personally looked after every little detail. They are perfectionists, who ensured that every little piece of fabric was perfectly ironed, appropriately creased, ever chair cover was draped impeccably and every flower was in place. We left nothing left to chance and they had enlisted an entourage of people, consisting of family and friends to looking into every detail. The Nuwal family and our team ensured that every little detail was attended to and that every little thing was perfect.

A testimonial toward the perfection of this wedding was the expert set-up of the back-end staging/catering areas demanded by the family. Our team ensured that both sides, front and back were clean, safe, sanitized, with good lighting and all safety measures in place. We urge all couples to keep this important aspect in mind when planning their wedding functions.  

4. Theme and Details about décor:

Each wedding function for the Nuwal family was done in a different style, with a different theme. Some functions were traditional, then we had a Garden and Gazebo theme for the wedding and other modern styled events. Each event reflected their own personal style and taste. We ensured that things had a high sense of aesthetics, were charming in character and were not flashy.

5. Why should people choose this location:

Jaipur is a great choice for a wedding location. There are many venues that reflect the Maharaja and Indian Traditional styles. Jaipur is also well suited for destination weddings with good connectivity, lavish hotels for guests to stay at, lots of sightseeing and all the elements for a fun wedding.

Bhilwara was an excellent location as well. It has huge, untapped land, where we could do easily anything imaginable. It was easy to get people power to support the event to coordinate all the elements of the wedding. In addition, Bhilwara is closely connected to larger cities like Jaipur and Udaipur.

1. How did they plan the couple’s wedding?

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Gurleen M Puri planned this wedding with lots and lots of details. We planned each event to their exact specifications and executed each look intricately, to look after guests in a unique and personal way. We combined smells, colours, and foods, with their personal style. We created softer touches keeping the venue and surroundings in mind. For example, we created an ethereal ambiance with backlighting a temple, overlooking the venue, and by making it a lovely backdrop to the stage.

We also pride ourselves for choosing elements that were locally available and enhancing the venue, matching the family’s personal style. Everything was custom-made for the venue and the couple.

2. What tips to keep in mind for a destination wedding like theirs (the mentioned couple's)?

When planning a Destination Wedding, it is important to get to know the clients really well. We spend a good amount of time, getting to understand our client’s needs, their personal style, their vision for their special day and the guests they are inviting.
Once we understand the needs of the client and what they wish to pass on to their guests. We then carefully select each element to cater to that vision.

3 What kind of etiquette should the guests keep in mind for a destination wedding?

This is a really good question. Most of us have attended a number of weddings, but they are usually local for either the bride or the groom. Therefore, it is possible to take care of the guests in a much elaborate way. However, to be a great guest at a Destination Weddings, plan ahead and look after all your personal needs. Of course, your hosts will take care of the basics for you, but be sure to plan for any unforeseen personal issues that might pop up. For example: carry your own medical kits, medicines, extra clothes and extras of everything. Best to be prepared for anything.

4. Pick your 3 favourite upcoming domestic wedding destinations. Why these 3 destinations specifically? What kind of a wedding should they be looking at, at each of these destinations?

The sky is the limit right now for Destination Weddings. In India, a popular favourite is Rajasthan. Rajasthan includes cities like Jaipur & Udaipur. It is crucial to consider venue with offer good infrastructure to coordinate all aspects of a wedding (décor, catering, light and sound, entertainment, hotels, transportation etc.). Both Jaipur and Udaipur offer a sea of great venues, great hotels, easy connectivity to all parts of India and internationally, well-equipped airports, hotel room inventory. As a Wedding Planner, it also offers connectivity to different destinations and the ability to import necessary items, by road, train or air. This makes them excellent locations for hosting a wedding.

Hotel Destination Weddings in your own city are a great idea too. This involves moving your family and friends into the hotel or resort close-by for the duration of the wedding festivities. The wedding party checks in to the hotel and lives there for a few days. It offers great peace of mind, as you don’t have to worry about commuting around the city, you can spend a few days having a fun time, day and night, breakfast, lunch and dinner spending time together, enjoying activities like tennis, golf, lounging by the pool side and enjoying the wedding festivities. Guests have rooms within the property, so it makes getting ready a breeze, allows for kids and seniors to take an easy break when tired, and makes the whole event a fun and relaxing time. A big advantage is also sourcing things of need becomes super easy, as you know the city already and can arrange for things easily. Of course, your local guests can also choose to stay in the comfort of their own homes, if they like.

Finally, we are seeing a trend of smaller, intimate destination weddings at locations like Alibaug, Mussoorie and Cochin. These locations cannot host large parties, but are perfect for the couple that is looking for a small wedding party in a private location. They require a little bit of coordination at the beginning to arrange for catering, décor, entertainment, officiants to reach the venues, but if that is sorted, then it is a fun time. Its also good to be prepared that at some of these venues you might need to give a miss some things, but focus on the big picture of spending time with family and friends in a quiet, serene place.

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