Gurleen M Puri
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BlackBook Women's Power List featuring Gurleen Puri

As an entrepreneur, how do you encourage women to work and not give up on their professional goals?

Women entrepreneurs are driven by their own passion, vision and beliefs. We are strong women who pursue hard work with fervour, are dedicated, overcome obstacles in all fields and never allow ourselves to be limited by our own thought processes. We are not fearful or influenced too much by other people's reservations. We have a strong core belief - "if you believe you can do it, you can do it".

In today's age, women being inferior to men is a myth. However, it is important to note that the wedding planning industry is a tough industry to work in. Our industry is not a desk job, not a 9-5 office job, rather itr requires a combination of long hours, multi-tasking and perseverance. You have to coordinate multiple things in odd places at odd times, wear many caps, juggle several aspects of life (kids, family, in-laws, personal things and professional responsibilities) and much more. Women Wedding Planners typically lead a crew largely consisting of men. They have to be cautious, balanced and be able to lead the team with clear direction. Women Entrepreneurs balance all these tasks with ease and tackle the tough situations without giving up.

How easy or difficult is to work in the luxury industry as a woman?

The luxury industry is best understood by women. Women have a fine appreciation for the finer things of life. Compared to most men, women have an innate sense of aesthetics, design, beauty and luxury. Therefore, women are able to fit into this market segment easily. However, it is imperative that women wedding planners, educate themselves beyond what comes to them naturally and be able to provide expert advice to clients.Therefore, entrants into the field must revel in this work, jump right in, and take the plunge.

What are the challenges and opportunities you've faced?

Challenges in this industry are the same for women and men. As a professional wedding planner, you have to be focussed on getting the work done, timelines, negotiating hostile environments and problem solving.

Where do you see yourself in the future? What is your vision for it?

We are an easy-going team that keeps a keen eye out for good opportunities to come along. When those opportunities present themselves, we jump right in and go for them. We have no fancy educational degrees and no fixed management mantras. We simply, are a passionate, hard-working, creative and resourceful team, who focuses on our client and their needs. Our vision consists of "transforming events beyond the imagination".

What has motivated you to stick with your beliefs and profession?

We are motivated by our passion to do something spectacular. We set out to achieve big dreams and we make sure to see it through. We are focussed on the end product, and always find a way to do it.

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